If you're interested in drinking the healthiest water in the world, contact Michael for FREE Kangen water samples, to have your questions answered regarding a homebased business opportunity, and to purchase your own Kangen water ionizer.  Contact Michael today to start revolutionizing your physical, financial and mental health, to be an ambassador for an international company called Enagic, and helping yourself and others live the life of their dreams!




Michael offers life and wellness coaching sessions to address all areas of one's health.  Michael will help you address areas in your life such as positive/abundance mindset, self-esteem, relationships, boundaries, self-care, health and wellness, communication, stress management, balancing your life, achieving your goals and dreams, etc.  Sessions are one-hour in duration and are available anywhere in the world via Iphone FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom. Contact Michael with questions and to schedule an appointment.


1) FREE 30-MInute Consultation via Telephone, FaceTime, or WhatsApp.


2) Individual LIfe and Wellness Coaching Sessions:  $100.00 per hour.


3) Self-Empowerment/Success Package:  $1,500.00

Package includes:  *12 one-hour sessions via Zoom completed in 3 or 6 months

                                  *One 15 minute motivational call per week

                                  *One 15 minute accountability call per week

                                  *Unlimited email communication

                                  *Copy of my self-esteem book, "Unlocking Your Best Self"


4) Self-Esteem/Confidence Package:  $1,000.00

Package includes:  *8 one-hour sessions via Zoom completed in 2 or 4 months

                                  *One 15 minute motivational call per week

                                  *One 15 minute accountability call per week

                                  *Unlimited email communication

                                  *Copy of my self-esteem book, "Unlocking Your Best Self"


5) Personal Packages:  To be discussed and arranged.  Prices will vary depending on services rendered.




Michael's book, "Unlocking Your Best Self," is about how high self-esteem can positively impact all aspects of your life, help attract loving and positive people to you, and help you conquer all your dreams!  His goal is to continue speaking to youth and adults regarding how to believe in yourself no matter what your ethnicity, gender, family of origin, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, etc., how to follow your bliss, overcome your fears, conquer your dreams, and live the life you were destined to live.  Contact Michael to schedule a motivational speaking engagement.


Motivational Speaking Engagements:  Price varies depending upon size of group and travel involved. Minimum fee is $1,500.00. 


Contact Me Today for a FREE 30-Minute Life and Wellness Coaching Session!

Email Michael Brummer at michaelbrummer @gmail.com or contact him at +1-909-754-2222 to schedule a FREE 30-minute life and wellness coaching session to have all your questions answered regarding online coaching sessions and motivational speaking engagements!

Revolutionize Your Health and Wealth  with Kangen Electrolyzed Water!

Enagic, the company who produces Kangen water ionizers, has changed my physical, financial, and mental health and is helping me fulfill my dreams!  If you want to improve your physical, financial  and/or mental health and fulfill your dreams, view my Videos page for more information and contact me at +1-909-754-2222 or go on my Products page to purchase your Kangen water ionizer machine!  YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR GREATEST WEALTH!

My Self-Esteem Book is Now Available!

My self-esteem book, "Unlocking Your Best Self," is now available on Lulu.com in paperback! There is a direct link to purchase the book on my Products page.   I look forward to sharing my views on how self-esteem can dramatically change the quality of your life, how you can live your life more positively and fearlessly, how you can have more loving and positive people in your life, and how you can conquer all your dreams and start living the life you were destined to live!  Purchase your copy today!

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