My name is Michael Brummer and I am an International Life and Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author based in Beaumont, California.  If you want to improve your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relationship and financial health, look no further!  I have counseled and coached families, adults, and youth for over 20 years.  I have a Masters degree in marriage and family therapy, a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a certificate in personal training.  I am also an author of a self-esteem book entitled, "Unlocking Your Best Self."  I specialize in the Law Of Attraction, Self Empowerment and Holistic Health techniques desigend to help you become the best version of yourself and live the life of your dreams!  Contact me today for a FREE 60-minute session to discuss your goals and how I can help you reach them!



Why Should I Hire a Life and Wellness Coach?

A Life and Wellness Coach can assist you in identifying specific areas of your life that need improvement, such as positive-abundance mindset, self-esteem, communication, stress-management, dream fulfillment, money creation, relationships, etc.  They can help you discover what past traumas or negative messages in your conscious and subconscious mind are holding you back, motivate and encourage you, and help you set specific, behavioral-oriented goals to bring about improvement, thus leading you to being your best self and living your dream life!  


A Life and Wellness Coach can also help educate you regarding self care, including hydration, nutrition, exercise, proper weight-loss and weight management, strength and resistance training, and overall physical health and wellness.  They can assess your drinking and eating habits, help you set goals specific to your health and fitness level, create a nutritional and exercise plan specific to your needs and help you reach your physical goals.  A Life and Wellness Coach takes out the guess work and helps you reach your health and fitness goals as quickly as possible so you can be in your best shape!

Why Should I Hire Michael Brummer?

My mission in life is to help people be the BEST version of themselves and live their BEST life mind, body, and spirit.  Consequently, I have dedicated my life to this mission.  I specialize in holistic health and wellness, which is the MOST effective way to live an abundant, successful, balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle.  If you want positive insight, education, and habits that become part of your lifestyle, want results that last a lifetime, and want to unlock your limitless potential, hire me as your Life and Wellness Coach!  Don't waste another day not being your best self, being in your best shape and living the life of your dreams!

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